Piatnik 1831

Ferd. Piatnik & Söhne. Unfortunately, I'm missing the third face card in the leaves suit. There's one card for each season of the year: hearts is spring, bells is summer, leaves is autumn, and acorns is winter. Also, the multi-suited "Weli" card. I had a bit of trouble ranking the face cards, so sorry if I got some knights and pages reversed. The Piatnik logo was the horse back in the 50s, too.

Additional information from Joop Muller: This is a 4 Seasons (also sometimes referred to as Wilhelm Tell) deck. You can easily rank the courts. The Kings are all seated on a horse and for the"Ober" (comparable to the Queen) and "Unter" (comp. to the Jack) you just have to look at the place of the suitcolour. If it's on top it's the Ober (literally means above) and when it's close to the middle of the card, it's the Unter ( = under or beneath).

And from Wolfgang Altfahrt: Card players in Austria call these cards "Doppeldeutsche" (double-ended, German suit signs). You can find this name also on the box of the cards (e. g. Piatnik Nr 1831). Only card collectors named this type of cards "Four seasons" or "Tell" pattern.

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